Getting to know me

Hi there person. If you want to get to know this “Willowlee” I’m about to tell you who she is. Willowlee is me, but unfiltered. She is blunt and rude and bold and doesn’t give a fuck. My real name is Lexi. I’m an academic, a scholar, an intellectual, and a scientist. But I’m also a believer in Jesus, an empathic, and many other things. I believe a single person cannot be labeled and classified and put into a corner with others. We span across so many labels that each of us is as individual as a snowflake. Being so individual means we are also the only one of out kind. We are all alone. And yet at the complete opposite end of the spectrum we are all so similar. Like a herb of zebras. We have the same structures and thoughts and feelings. We are creatures of infinities. We are equally infinitely alone and infinitely sewed together by the thread of humanity. Willowlee is the part of me that tries to make sense of that.